Small Team, Big Goals

Led by Varun Mittal, the team comprises of volunteers from the industry with the Fintech Nation spirit. This is their way to contribute to ecosystem and talent development in Singapore.

Varun Mittal

Founder, Fintech Nation Founder, Boleh Ventures

Vanessa Ho
Program Development

Founder, G9 Capital

Chris Lim
Ecosystem Development


Kai Zhen Teng
Community & Marketing Lead

Tawishi Singh
Investment & Ecosystem Lead

Singapore Fintech Association Women in Fintech, Sub-co Member

Fintech Nation - Overview

Fintech Nation is a dynamic not-for-profit grassroots platform founded by Varun Mittal, dedicated to uniting the fintech community, regulators, investors, startups, and corporates. Established in 2020 with the publication of the Fintech Nation book, Fintech Nation is committed to providing access to talent, capital, progressive policy, and venture development to foster a thriving fintech ecosystem in Singapore. Singapore's fintech landscape has been marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence, despite limited resources and abundant ambitions. The rallying cry, "Dream big. Start small. Move fast," encapsulates the spirit of collaboration that unites regulators, startups, investors, corporates, and all stakeholders in the pursuit of a common goal. As the fintech ecosystem has evolved, the mission of Fintech Nation has transformed into nurturing and scaling a fintech hub that embodies the values of being "Responsible, Viable, Inclusive." At its core, Fintech Nation is a platform that emerged in 2020 with the development of the groundbreaking Fintech Nation book authored by Varun Mittal and Lilian Koh. It is committed to providing access to talent, capital, progressive policy, and venture development to Singapore's burgeoning fintech landscape. Fintech Nation has already recognized over 300 distinguished individuals through the Fintech 65 platform and has made significant investments in multiple startups through the Fintech Nation Fund and the Fintech Nation Angels Program. The dedication and vision of this platform are driving Singapore's ascent to become the leading fintech hub on the global stage. Singapore's unique strength lies in its character—a fusion of survival instinct and an unwavering dedication to success. The national trait of being "Kiasu" is not only embraced but celebrated. This 'Kiasu' spirit fuels an inherent fear that drives Singaporeans to continually strive for success, ensuring they never grow complacent. This fear-based approach, in a highly regulated industry, empowers constituents to adapt and comply with ever-evolving regulations seamlessly. Singapore's competitive edge also lies in its durable social fabric, which lends robust support to order and authority, a valuable asset in nurturing a heavily regulated sector such as financial services. With a resolute mission and vision to establish Singapore as the world's leading Fintech Hub, Fintech Nation embodies the relentless drive to redefine and elevate the fintech industry. It's a testament to the power of community, talent, and capital initiatives that are shaping the future of fintech in Singapore and beyond. ------------------------------------------------------ Key Milestones July 2020 - Launch of Fintech Nation Bingo Card Series November 2020 - Launch of First Singapore Fintech Nation Book March 2022 - Launch of The Fintech Nation Fund