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Ecosystem Builder

Fintech Nation has been building with the foundations of the Singapore Fintech ecosystem since 2015 when the Monetary Authority of Singapore created the dedicated fintech office for the country across talent, investment, policy and demand verticals of the community. 


An ecosystem is built by its people, its members who are the soul and body of it 


Fintech Nation originated as a grassroots ecosystem player, with its founder, Varun, being the founder of Singapore Fintech Association and ASEAN Fintech Network. He has built and operated multiple whatsapp community networks over the years and as Fintech Nation evolved through the years, there are two key objectives of Fintech Nation as an ecosystem builder are enabling Recognition and Relationships

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Fintech65™, an initiative by Fintech Nation, celebrates the leaders shaping Singapore’s Fintech ecosystem. Each year, they curate lists of 65 leaders across categories like startups, corporate ventures, product management, and venture capital. These leaders drive innovation, mentor young talents, and foster peer-to-peer learning. With over 500 nominations, Fintech65™ bridges the gap between emerging and established industry luminaries, creating a vibrant community that propels the future of finance.

Superhumans of Fintech : Recognizing the Unsung Heroes of our Community

In the vibrant world of Fintech, success isn't a solitary pursuit. It's a collaborative effort fueled by the contributions of countless individuals who go above and beyond to support startups and founders on their journey. Inspired by the spirit of camaraderie and gratitude, we are thrilled to introduce "Superhumans of Fintech."

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