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Investment Platform

At Fintech Nation, we understand that capital is the lifeblood of startups, fueling their journey towards growth and success. As a premier investment platform, we specialise in empowering entrepreneurs with the capital they need to scale their ventures and realise their dreams. Our investment platform executes along two key pillars of origination and orchestration.

Fintech Nation Fund

✅ First Money Into Venture

✅ 5 day decision process

✅ Evergreen Capital

✅ Industry Terms, no hangups

Venture Capital fund anchored by Fintech Nation Founder Varun Mittal and managed by a professional team from a leading South East Asian Venture Capital Firm. Fintech Nation Fund (FNF) invests in early-stage South East Asian Fintech and embedded finance companies at an early stage, typically sub-10M valuations with a sub-2% ownership stake, no board seat, pro rata rights and, at most, board observer roles. As an open-ended fund, it is committed to the growth and scaling of the venture with no hard dates to exit, giving founders a long-term commitment and execution focus.

Fintech Nation Angels

FN Angels Logo.png

✅ Deep Community Support

✅ Connection to follow on capital

✅ Access to industry operators

✅ Grassroot network for deal flow

Fintech Nation Angels (FNA) is an initiative by Fintech Nation, managed by Vanessa Ho, that offers capital and access to a network of industry leaders to invest in early-stage fintech companies with strong growth potential across South East Asia. FNA operates deal-by-deal with independent Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). A structure like this allows the fund to tailor investments to meet the needs of each company. In addition, there is no fixed management fee, and the FNA operates with a carry-only model . As a result, the interests of deal leads and entrepreneurs are in full alignment.

Fintech Nation Venture Debt Fund

Fintech Nation Debt.png

✅ Captive capital, with optional top up by FNA Syndicate

✅ Alternative Financing Option without equity warrants

✅ Less equity dilution for founders with PMF, post revenue

✅ Manage the time gaps between round milestones

We recognise the importance of alternative financing options and leverage one of our portfolio companies, which operates as a MAS-licensed LFMC platform. As active investors, we provide debt financing solutions to fuel the expansion of innovative ventures.


Check out innovative companies we have invested in.

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