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Nomination Open

Nominations are now open for the Fintech65 awards, celebrating Singapore’s top Fintech talents. Don’t miss this chance to honor innovation and excellence, submit your nominations today!

Fintech Nation - Development Institution, Investment Platform, Think Tank and Ecosystem Builder

What do we do?

Investment Platform of Fintech Nation - Fund, Debt, Angel, Startups, Growth, Exit, Merger and Acquisition

Investment Platform

At Fintech Nation, we understand that capital is the lifeblood of startups, fueling their journey towards growth and success. As a premier investment platform, we specialise in empowering entrepreneurs with the capital they need to scale their ventures and realise their dreams. Our investment platform executes along two key pillars of origination and orchestration.

Think Tank - Fintech Nation comprising book, industry reports, masterclass, training

Think Tank

Fintech nation embarked on building the think tank since there are limited independent think tanks in ASEAN which are not affiliated with corporations and universities. Fintech Nation developed the concept of Singanomics™, which chronicled the unique Singaporean model of development that brings together the public and private sectors to achieve holistic progress and development for the Fintech Nation. It leverages its domain expertise and  "Singanomics " framework to foster collaboration for rapid, inclusive, holistic economic, social, and venture development.

Fintech Nation - Ecosystem builder comprising Fintech65 and Superhuman

Ecosystem Builder

An ecosystem is built by its people, its members who are the soul and body of it

Fintech Nation has been building with the foundations of the Singapore Fintech ecosystem since 2015 when the Monetary Authority of Singapore created the dedicated fintech office for the country across talent, investment, policy and demand verticals of the community. 

If you’d like more information about us, get in touch today.

Proudly collaborating with the
best fintech partners in the ecosystem

brought together to achieve a common goal.

Elevandi - Fintech Nation partner and organizer of Singapore Fintech Festival
Singapore Fintech Association - Varun Mittal is co-founder of Singapore fintech trade association, partner for Fintech Natio
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