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Fintech65 is a Talent Initiative from Fintech Nation to identify and recognise emerging and proven leaders across different categories like startups, corporate, product management and venture capital in Singapore. Fintech 65 develops annual lists of 65 leaders curated by leaders from industry and academic institutions with an open nomination process for grassroots participation. The platform enables peer-to-peer learning and mentorship for young talents from experienced ones. 


In 2023 and 2022, more than 500+ individuals were nominated and 250+ were recognized across categories.


In 2022, categories in focus were Emerging FinTech Founders, Young Leaders in FinTech (aged 30 and younger), Women in FinTech, Women in Corporate and Women Investors. Fintech Nation partners with the Singapore Fintech Association and Elevandi (organiser of the Singapore Fintech Festival) as community partners for the Fintech65™ platform. 


The Fintech65 is our way of celebrating the most influential contributors to the fintech ecosystem in Singapore. From start-ups to financial institutions to big tech, these individuals have made meaningful contributions across regulatory and compliance, ESG and sustainability, Web3 and Blockchain, and women in the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics domains.

We are thrilled to honour these trailblazers who have demonstrated their vision, leadership, and innovation in advancing fintech in Singapore. 


The following set of judging criteria have been used to identify the top 65 individuals:


1. Impact: The extent of the individual's impact on the fintech industry in Singapore and beyond 


2. Innovation: The individual's ability to innovate and create new solutions in the fintech space


3. Builder/Founders: they have built product, they can be technical, they can be commercial, they can build teams/operations to go from an idea to something real 


4. Leadership: The individual's leadership qualities and the ability to inspire and guide teams

5. Industry Recognition: The individual's recognition and awards within the fintech industry in Singapore and beyond

6. Contribution to Community: The individual's contribution to the fintech community in Singapore, through mentoring, education, or other forms of community engagement.


Once again, We are proud to recognize and honor these exceptional individuals who have played a pivotal role in shaping the fintech landscape in Singapore, often creating and sometimes bringing international standards over too.

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Woman Investor in Fintech

Woman Investor in Fintech, based in Singapore for over a year, showcases her acumen by directly investing in or aiding her company with at least three deals in the past two years. Whether an angel investor, sole capitalist, or a pivotal member of a VC/PE/FO, her influence and strategic decisions bolster Singapore's fintech ecosystem.


Fintech Product Leader

An ideal Fintech Product Leader is based in Singapore for over a year, leading a team in a company regulated by MAS or serving in the financial sector. This leader excels in a product-centric role, whether as a manager, owner, designer, or engineer, driving innovation and excellence.


Woman in Corporate

Woman in Corporate (Fintech) is a trailblazer in Singapore's fintech scene, with over a year's tenure. She's part of a robust firm, boasting revenues exceeding 5M SGD, evidencing significant growth. Her company, regulated by MAS or a key financial service provider, benefits from her leadership and vision.


Woman in Fintech

An ideal Woman in Fintech is based in Singapore for a minimum of one year, representing an early-stage company with less than 5M SGD in revenue. Her firm is either MAS-regulated or contributes as a financial service product/service/enabler, demonstrating her pioneering spirit in the fintech landscape.

FINTECH65 Winners

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Saiya Jiang

Women in A.I. & Data Analytics

Saiya Jiang


Shilpa Karkeraa

ESG and Sustainability

Shilpa Karkeraa


Satrughan 'Sunny' Singh

Web3 & Blockchain

Satrughan 'Sunny' Singh

Headquarters (

Shonali Krishnaswamy

Women in A.I. & Data Analytics

Shonali Krishnaswamy

AIDA Technologies, part of AIA Amplify Health

Serene Ow

Women in A.I. & Data Analytics

Serene Ow


Shu Qing Ng

Women in A.I. & Data Analytics

Shu Qing Ng


FINTECH65 in Motion

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