👋 Meet the Curators

Fintech65 shall be curated by the members of the community comprising experts from corporations, academics, investments and startup domains, with open sharing of all nominations received and final lists with the broader community. Curators are not eligible to be part of any of the lists and in the true Fintech Nation spirit, this is their way to contribute to ecosystem and talent development in Singapore.

Varun Mittal
Founder, the Fintech Nation Founder, Boleh Ventures

Pauline Theobald Wray
Founder, Advisory Board Viridios

Navin Suri
Advisor to Board of Directors at Elevandi

Katrina Cokeng
Chief Executive Officer, XEN

Rachel Freeman
Chief Growth Officer, Tyme

Zennon Kapron
Founder, Kapronasia

Dr. Lilian Koh
Founder, Fintech Academy

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