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At Fintech Nation, we believe in sharing knowledge and fostering a community of informed and engaged individuals. This page is a treasure trove of knowledge, insights, and expert opinions that aim to inspire, educate, and provoke thought in the world of Fintech. Happy reading!

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Forget Unicorns, Meet Dragons

Forget Unicorns, Meet Dragons

The concept of growth hacking originated in Silicon Valley. When we look at startups in ASEAN, they need to create their unique model and playbook for growth hacking since many things that worked in the West would only sometimes work in the East. Over the last 10 years, ASEAN startups have developed their models based on their unique macroeconomic, customer segment, and development models through experiments and trysts with economic cycles.

Insuretech Insights from Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

Insuretech Insights from Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

What key trends are changing Asia's insurance, pensions, and wealth management industries? And how can companies best capture growth?

These topics were discussed at the recent Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF). Since its inception in 2016, SFF has become the premier platform for the global fintech community to engage, connect, and collaborate on issues relating to the confluence of financial services, public policy, and technology. SFF attracted 62,000 participants from over 115 countries—the largest SFF gathering ever. It featured 850 speakers, 570 exhibitors, 25 country pavilions, and over 4,000 meetings through the business matching platform.

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