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Dream Big. Start Small. Move Fast

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Fintech Nation is a development institution that aims to democratize access to economic opportunities, digitize the economy, and deliver tangible outcomes that improve lives. Founded in 2020 by Varun Mittal, it has evolved from a grassroots platform to an ecosystem builder comprising an investment platform and a think tank.
The Investment Platform arm invests in early-stage fintech and embedded finance companies in Southeast Asia and offers a range of investment vehicles to suit every requirement. The Think Tank arm aims to use advocacy and access as its two pillars to bring startups, financial institutions, and investors' aspirations and motivations to policymakers, regulators, and other official development institutions. The Ecosystem Builder arm focuses on recognizing emerging and existing industry leaders and organizing meetups and masterclasses.

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Fintech Nation

The logo is used in as a banner or in the header or footer of a website or email campaign. It can also be placed in various places such as websites, email signatures, and social media profiles.

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You can download all of the infographics, charts, and data from Fintech Nation that can be found in the book here.


Logos used for Fintech65 branding and marketing campaign.

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