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Supermans of Fintech

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Aspire, the leading all-in-one finance platform for modern businesses in Asia today announces the launch of the “Superhumans of Fintech” initiative in collaboration with Fintech Nation, a development institution dedicated to supporting access and scaling talent, capital, policy, and venture development in ASEAN. This first-of-its-kind ‘book of celebration’ will contain a deeply researched, and purposefully curated collection of authentic stories, aiming to shine a spotlight on those unsung heroes who have quietly helped an entrepreneur steer through a difficult phase, overcome a challenging roadblock, find a connection or the answer to building better.

What is NEXT

Nominations are now open, and the fintech community is encouraged to submit their stories to be published to the wider community. To nominate an individual, nominees can select from four categories in which the chosen individual has contributed to their success or growth: partnerships, fundraising, talent management, or mentorship, and submit their story.  Nominations will be evaluated by a selection of esteemed panelists from Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and startup leaders, and will be showcased in an exclusive book.

By relying on peer nominations, the initiative ensures that the recognition is genuine and humble, devoid of self-promotion. The compelling stories shared through this initiative make for powerful social media content, further amplifying the reach of the recognition and positivity spread throughout the community

“Superhumans of Fintech” physical book is set to be unveiled at the Singapore Fintech Festival this November – the biggest Fintech event in Asia where the leaders and innovators of the fintech space globally will gather. To nominate a superhuman in your startup journey, visit this link and share your story by August 31st, 2024.

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