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Fintech Nation Think Tank is a leading independent think tank in ASEAN. It champions the Singanomics™ framework, a uniquely

Think Tank

Fintech Nation Think Tank aims to use advocacy and access as its two pillars to bring startups, financial institutions, and investors' aspirations and motivations to policymakers, regulators, and other official development institutions. 


The Fintech Nation Think Tank emerges as a beacon of innovation and progress in Southeast Asia's burgeoning fintech ecosystem. Rooted in the belief that access and advocacy are the twin engines driving meaningful change, our vision extends far beyond the conventional confines of financial technology.


At its core, the Think Tank is a nexus, a conduit through which the aspirations of startups, financial institutions, and investors converge with the corridors of power occupied by policymakers, regulators, and development institutions. We recognise the critical need to bridge this gap and translate the vibrant energy of the fintech sphere into tangible policy outcomes that propel inclusive and sustainable growth.

A system of economics lets market forces define the majority of outcomes. At the same time, a progressive government develops


Fintech nation embarked on building the think tank since there are limited independent think tanks in ASEAN which are not affiliated with corporations and universities. Fintech Nation developed the concept of Singanomics™, which chronicled the unique Singaporean model of development that brings together the public and private sectors to achieve holistic progress and development for the Fintech Nation. It leverages its domain expertise and  "Singanomics

" framework to foster collaboration for rapid, inclusive, holistic economic, social, and venture development. Singanomics is a unique Singaporean model of development which brings together public and private sector to achieve holistic progress and development for the Fintech Nation. As the policy pillar of Fintech Nation, we develop thought leaderships, whitepapers and undertake round tables with industry constituents to advance the interests of Fintech community in Singapore.

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