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Welcome to Fintech Nation 2.0

Updated: Jun 6

Relentless Individuals coming together with regulators to develop a leading development institution comprising investment platform, thinktank and ecosystem
Fintech Nation Ecosystem

Fintech Nation™ was founded as a grassroots platform by Varun Mittal to bring together the fintech community, regulators, investors, startups, and corporates. It started in 2020 with the development of the Fintech Nation book and supports access to and scaling talent, capital, policy, and venture development in Singapore. It has recognized over 400 individuals through the Fintech 65 & Superhuman platform. It invested in multiple startups through the Fintech Nation Fund, Fintech Nation Angels and Fintech Nation Debt Fund.

Over the years, Fintech Nation has evolved from a grassroots platform to a specialized development institution comprising an investment platform, think tank, and ecosystem builder that supports startups, angel investors, financial institutions, practitioners, and policymakers. 

Fintech nation's three key objectives are democratizing access, digitizing the economy, and delivering outcomes through its three pillars: investment platform, think tank, and ecosystem builder. FN aspires to build an open, inclusive, and transformative society where everyone has the tools and support to thrive in a rapidly changing world."

Focus Areas

Democratising access

Enable traditionally unmet and unserved needs of consumers and SMEs by offering access to investment, lending, insurance, payments and ease of doing business. 

Digitising economy

Fostering a confident digital society across Southeast Asia, improving access, building trust, safeguarding rights and privacy, and addressing potential scalability and commercialization challenges. 

Delivering outcomes.

Addressing how innovation and digital progress may enable inclusive and equitable growth for economies and businesses to advance sustainable livelihoods.

Pillars of Fintech Nation

Investment Platform

Fintech Nation recognizes that capital is the lifeblood of startups, fueling their journey towards growth and success. Founded by industry veterans, it specializes in empowering entrepreneurs with equity and debt capital they need to scale their ventures and realize their dreams. Fintech Nation Fund undertakes 100-250K equity investment into early stage ventures, Fintech Nation Angels enables operators to pool money to invest in existing portfolio companies of Fintech Nation Fund. Fintech Nation Debt Fund supports post PMF scaleup companies 9-18 months away from next fundraise with 250-750K debt investment.

Think Tank

Fintech Nation Think Tank aims to use advocacy and access as its two pillars to bring startups, financial institutions, and investors' aspirations and motivations to policymakers, regulators, and other official development institutions. The Fintech Nation Think Tank emerges as a beacon of innovation and progress in Southeast Asia's burgeoning fintech ecosystem through Fintech Nation Books and Publications as source of original insights and best practices. Fintech Nation Advisors helps investors and startups in preparing better for investment and divestment, thus enabling holistic value creation for all participants.

Ecosystem Builder

Fintech Nation aims to build a thriving fintech ecosystem, focusing on Recognition and Relationships. It has established the Fintech65 platform to recognize emerging and proven leaders across different categories, enabling peer-to-peer learning and mentorship. Superhuman spotlights the unsung heroes of our community, highlighting their unnoticed acts of kindness and care. It nurtures the community through meetups, masterclasses, and WhatsApp communities to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Path Forward

Empowering a prosperous future for all, Fintech Nation, as a development institution, envisions a world where financial access, digital innovation, and meaningful outcomes are within reach for everyone. Our mission is to democratize access to economic opportunities, digitize the economy for greater efficiency and inclusivity, and deliver tangible outcomes that improve lives.

Together, we will build an open, inclusive, and transformative Fintech Nation - where everyone has the tools and support they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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