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Aspire & Fintech Nation Join Forces to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the Fintech Community with Superhumans of Fintech

Aspire, the leading all-in-one finance platform for modern businesses in Asia today announces the launch of the “Superhumans of Fintech” initiative in collaboration with Fintech Nation, a development institution dedicated to supporting access and scaling talent, capital, policy, and venture development in ASEAN. This first-of-its-kind ‘book of celebration’ will contain a deeply researched, and purposefully curated collection of authentic stories, aiming to shine a spotlight on those unsung heroes who have quietly helped an entrepreneur steer through a difficult phase, overcome a challenging roadblock, find a connection or the answer to building better.

Celebrating the silent force behind a startup's success, this book recognizes the individual who stepped up, unseen, to help an entrepreneur overcome a critical challenge and propel their journey forward. Do you know a hero whose impact deserves recognition? Nominate them today!

The movement operates on a simple premise: Founders nominate someone outside their company who has played a pivotal role in their startup journey. This could be a mentor, an industry expert, an angel investor, or even a former colleague who provided invaluable support.

“In the vibrant world of Fintech, success is not a solitary pursuit, said Varun Mittal, Founder of Fintech Nation, “It’s often a collaborative effort fueled by the contributions of countless individuals who go above and beyond to support startups and founders on their journey. ‘Superhumans of Fintech’ is a tribute to these individuals, inspired by the community’s camaraderie and spirit of gratitude.” 

Nominations are now open, and the fintech community is encouraged to submit their stories to be published to the wider community. To nominate an individual, nominees can select from four categories in which the chosen individual has contributed to their success or growth: partnerships, fundraising, talent management, or mentorship, and submit their story.  Nominations will be evaluated by a selection of esteemed panelists from Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and startup leaders, and will be showcased in an exclusive book.

By relying on peer nominations, the initiative ensures that the recognition is genuine and humble, devoid of self-promotion. The compelling stories shared through this initiative make for powerful social media content, further amplifying the reach of the recognition and positivity spread throughout the community.

Superhumans of Fintech is not just a book,” says Andrea Baronchelli, CEO and Founder of Aspire,  “it represents a powerful movement that calls for the fintech community to unite in honoring the spirit of support and empathy in the industry. This isn't just about acknowledging achievement, but rather about inspiring every member of this thriving community to help each other unlock their potential. This movement seeks to create a world where the superhumans of fintech aren't just the few, but the many.”

“Superhumans of Fintech” physical book is set to be unveiled at the Singapore Fintech Festival this November – the biggest Fintech event in Asia where the leaders and innovators of the fintech space globally will gather. To nominate a superhuman in your startup journey, visit this link and share your story by August 31st, 2024.

About Aspire

Aspire is the all-in-one finance platform for modern businesses, helping over 15,000 companies across Asia save time and money with international payments, expense management, payable management, and receivable management solutions - accessible via a single, user-friendly account.

Headquartered in Singapore, Aspire has over 450+ employees across five countries and is backed by global top tier VCs, including Sequoia, Lightspeed, Y-Combinator, Tencent and Paypal. In 2023, Aspire closed an oversubscribed US$100M Series C round and announced that it has achieved profitability.

About Fintech Nation

Fintech Nation™ ( is a not-for-profit grassroots platform founded by Varun Mittal to bring together the fintech community, regulators, investors, startups and corporates together. Started in 2020 with the development of the Fintech Nation book, it currently supports access and scaling talent, capital, policy and venture development in Singapore. It has recognized over 250 individuals through the Fintech 65 platform and invested in multiple startups through Fintech Nation Fund.

Press Contact:

Yanchang Tan

Sling & Stone for Aspire

Maddie Gupta

Brand Marketing Lead, Aspire

Bettina Gayoso

Senior Account Executive, Third Hemisphere for Fintech Nation

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