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Fintech Nation announces the third edition of Fintech65, recognising leaders in Singaporean Fintech

 Fintech Nation is today announcing the third edition of Fintech65, first launched in 2022, an initiative designed to recognise the top leaders within Singapore’s Fintech community and build a knowledge hub for fintech in Singapore.

This year’s Fintech65 will focus on recognising “Friends of Fintech”, i.e. service providers and ecosystem partners who enable fintech startups and founders to grow and become successful. An ebook and physical book will also become accessible on 22nd August through Amazon showcasing the winners, which will be unveiled by Neil Parekh, Member of Parliament Singapore. 

Set up to celebrate the best of Singapore’s Fintech talent while also highlighting opportunities amongst the leaders for peer-to-peer learning and mentorship, the Fintech65 initiative invites members of the fintech community to nominate established and emerging leaders and founders across different nomination categories each year. In 2022 and 2023, Fintech65 garnered over 500 nominations, and recognized over 250 individuals across the various categories. Fintech65 honours and recognises these industry trailblazers who have demonstrated their work, vision, leadership, and innovation in driving forward Singapore’s Fintech industry.

This year, the Fintech65 listings will recognise a total of 65 leaders across the following three categories:

  1. ⁠Emerging Investors - For startups and the venture capital industry in Singapore to scale, ensuring a new pool of emerging investors is crucial as associates, analysts, and portfolio managers. Fintech Nation aims to recognise talent in investment roles for less than six years of experience to bring previously unrecognised talent to light. 

  2. ⁠Friends of Fintech - Fintech startups need access to the right ecosystem partners and enablers spanning industry players, such as professional services and accounting firms, lawyers, marketing and branding, public relations companies, and co-working spaces. This category aims to recognise the efforts of these service providers who support and enhance the startups with the building blocks they need to grow and expand upon.

  3. ⁠⁠Women on Board - Based on a report Fintech Nation co-authored last year, statistics show that on average, only 13% of the boards in the ASEAN fintech landscape have women board members or observers. This category recognises the accomplishments of distinguished women leaders and board members while advocating for more inclusive board representation.

According to Varun Mittal, Founder of Fintech Nation: “The Fintech journey of Singapore has been a story of relentless pursuit of excellence to build a global financial service hub with limited means and a lot of aspiration. Fintech65 is designed to recognise the ongoing contributions of those across the various sectors and organisations whose efforts are dedicated to advancing Singapore’s Fintech landscape and to identify opportunities to nurture the next generation of talent. Why 65? With our year of independence and country code, it’s a number that perfectly fits the Fintech Nation objective.” 

Nominations for the Fintech65 listings are now open, and members of the Fintech community are encouraged to nominate their colleagues and peers who have pioneered groundbreaking initiatives or achieved remarkable results to drive advancements within Singapore’s Fintech ecosystem. Interested parties may make their nominations by submitting this form before 30th July, 2024. 

The list of chosen leaders will be revealed online on 9th August , Singapore's National Day. The shortlisted nominees in each category will be recognised at the upcoming Fintech65 event, which will be held on 22nd August 2024.

Fintech65 is supported by a number of established industry partners across Singapore’s Fintech ecosystem, including Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), Thunes, and Elevandi, a non-profit Fintech Community Platform set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Since its inception in 2020, Fintech Nation has brought together regulators, startups, investors, corporates and industry players to build and futureproof Singapore’s Fintech ecosystem to solidify its position as the region’s leading Fintech hub. In 2023, Fintech Nation launched the Fintech Nation Fund to invest in early-stage startups across Southeast Asia, and provide strategic support and resources.

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